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Saturation diving systems:

We own and operate 2independent saturation diving systems with ratings to 300 meters. All systemsare portable with modular system components that can be effectively transportedby land, sea, or air. These modular systems accompanied by versatile launchconfigurations minimize their required footprint area. It also makes themefficient for compact deck requirements or for installations inside buildingswith limited or challenging space.

All of our systems areIMCA-compliant with IMO-approved self-launch systems. Our crews are ADCIcertified and IMCA compliant.

SAT6 diving system.docx

SAT8 diving system.docx

Air diving equipment:

Our air diving equipment includes hot water suits, drysuits, hard hat mounted lighting, and specialty equipment for task-specificjobs. Equipment is portable and can be shipped any where at any time.

All company-owned equipment are serviced according to themanufacturer's scheduled maintenance plans; certificates of inspection areavailable upon request. All equipment is maintained to work as efficiently andeffectively as possible with maximum safety in mind for our crews and thirdparties. If you have a project that might require specialty gear or qualifiedcrew, give us a call and see if we can help.

ROV systems:

Our RemotelyOperated Vehicles (ROVs) can well meet clients’ requirement including

Observe Class ROVand Working Class ROV. All ROVs can equip with specific tools which havereliable properties such as camercas, NDT, sonar, mltifunctional manipulatorand related tools. The maximum depth that our ROVs can reach is over 3000meters and our ROVs have already successfully completed mang significantprojects . We own, operate and maintain an entire fleet that is ready at alltimes.

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Inspection equipment:

We provide fullrange of advanced inspection equipment which can serve marine vessels, oil& gas platforms, subsea pipeline or cable, structure components of waterand electricity facilities and bridges with accurate and credible measurementresults.