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 All of our company’s construction activities shall comply with the laws and regulations of the project-host country, implement the norms and standards of the industrial, guarantee the safety and health of people, protect the environment and the company property, and improve the performance of the Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) via a systematized management. In order to reach this goal, the company is committed to:


1. Establish and perfect the QHSE management system, normalize and standardize the service, fulfill the demands of occupational health, safety and environment, meet the requirements from applicable laws, regulations and standards and customers, implement the "continuous improvement plan" with corresponding abilities, and constantly improve the management level and QHSE performance.


2. Disseminate the company QHSE Policy to all our staff, build up the training and appraisal system to ensure that all levels of staff possess the QHSE-related awareness, skills and qualities in response to task requirements, so that they can fulfill their duties in their respective positions.


3. Provide staff with a healthy and safe workplace, reliable operational equipment, and PPE that meet the relevant national standards.


4. Provide enough resources (manpower, technology, equipment and basic infrastructure), to ensure the company capacity in management and engineering service, to conduct regular inspections upon facilities and equipment in use and regular audits upon the QSHE performance.


5. Update the emergency plan whenever necessary, establish the emergency resource database, conduct emergency drills regularly, and minimize injury incidents, pollution incidents and environmental effects.


6. Set up the target-oriented responsibility system for all departments and main positions, ensuring the company’s overall QHSE policy and goals to be achieved.


7. Conduct the hazard identification, risk analysis and safety assessment in each stage of the operations, and implement them in all remediation action.


8. Establish good relationship with clients for coordination in the health, safety and environmentHSEissues.


9. Establish the incentive mechanism, encourage and support the staff’s participation in QHSE activities, encourage scientific and technological researches, and utilize appropriately tech-products which meet the related QHSE demands.


10. Maintain the cleanliness of the workplace, and create a good environment for staff health and safety.