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Engineering quality is the core of a construction, and the key as well to the success of a construction project. Thus, the main task of a construction project management is about quality management and quality control.

1. Principles of a construction project quality management


        Precaution and Prevention

        PDCA  PDCA

        Scientific, Fair, and Law-abiding

2. The schedule of a construction project quality management

    1Establish the quality management system: In order to meet the quality objective as the project required, it shall have the quality management system built, control the documents in compliance with the relevant norms, regulations, standards and quality demands, and conduct quality supervision, inspection and verification upon the quality-related activities and operations of all projects, ensuring the quality standard demanded in the contracts to be realized.

    2Formulate the quality plan: A quality plan is mainly to plan and arrange the quality management activities.

    3) Quality control: Quality control in the construction stage is the main focus. The whole process control is started from the very beginning of a construction, and ended after the quality verification of the construction, and it will regulate the five elements that affect the quality of a construction project: people, equipment, materials, methods, and working environment.

    4) Third-party inspection and quality supervision: According to the request of the owners, the third-party shall be commissioned to carry out the inspection upon the quality of the completed project and the supervision upon the construction process.

    5Submit the completion report.