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         The safe and stable operation of an enterprise is the premise and basis for a long business life, and is also an important guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of a society.

Safety responsibility is paramount. Being a responsible enterprise, we take the safe and stable operation as an obligation, and as a goal that we persistently pursuit for. We establish the philosophy of "Safety is above all else, life is the most precious", fulfill the HSE demands of tasks, and strive to develop an intrinsic safe enterprise, which provide a strong support for creating a world-class diving operation company.

1HSE Management System HSE

Fully we implement the HSE management system, pursuing the first-class HSE performance in terms of "No incident, No injury, and no environment pollution".

In compliance with IMCA regulations, we set up a HSE management system that covers all operations and constructions, and keep it updated and improved. We adhere to the principle of "Who’s in charge, who takes the responsibility", and of "A position, double duties", improve the HSE responsibility system, and implement it at all levels. We strengthen the HSE supervision and assessment, implement the fault accountability system, and conduct the annual HSE examination and irregular inspections.

Meanwhile, we formulate more than 70 safety management systems and technical standards to guide and standardize the safe production, such as the "Safe Production Management Regulations." On the basis of the international-advanced OSHA management tools, we formulate "Performance Monitoring and Measurement Control Procedure", which further improves the assessment index system and strengthens the process control.


    2Safety Risk Control

The diving industry for offshore oil is a high risky industry. High temperature, flammables, explosives, toxics and harmful materials constitute the objective environment we are facing, and thus the safety issue is our top and first priority. We always adhere to the safety philosophy in production and operation, implement the safe work and no major accident has ever happened since the establishment of the company.

1The safety culture has been rooted

Safety culture is the premise for safety operations. We take the safety awareness enhancement as the basis, develop the culture of "Safety required", and form the safety culture of "Working for life, safety, health and happiness of family", and make a tangible improvement in safety management.

2Each single demand of the safety operation shall be met

Our analyzes of the past accidents indicate that, the "3-violations" behavior (illegal command, illegal operation, violation of labor discipline) is the main cause of an accident, and the operation incident accounts for the most part of all accidents. Regarding this, we strictly implement the work permit system and the safety confirmation system, push the implementation of the "Five Yes, five No" working requirements at the construction site, refine the safety protection measures, and prevent accidents beforehand.

3Addressing the potential dangers and incidents before they happen

We take the hidden trouble administration as the main tool to reduce the accident rate greatly. We establish and strictly follow the "Operational Risk Assessment and Management Procedures"; according to the "Safety first, prevention first" principle, we make the corresponding JSA and TRA for each project before the project starts, and establish the whole process safety management via identification and regulation of the potential danger beforehand and rectification afterwards.

    3Emergency Management

        We set up a unified emergency command system, form a bi-level emergency response system based upon the onshore emergency response system and offshore emergency response system. We strengthen the professional emergency rescue teams, equipment and infrastructure constructions, integrate the existing resources, which allow a full play of the overall emergency rescue capacity and have gradually established an effective rescue system.

We revise and complete the "Diving Emergency Response Procedure", "Land Typhoon Emergency Response Plan", and "Fire Safety and Fire Emergency Procedure" and other relevant contingency plans, which further enhance the utility and operability of these plans.